I come from a land of sand and sun, a kingdom filled with traditions as old as time. For me, I speak through my paintbrush. And rather than painting the world I am ‘supposed to see’, I reach into the depths of my imagination and I paint what my soul wants. Though I place great value on convention, custom, and propriety, I seek to recast the world through the use of rich colors, surrealist ideas, and metaphor.

As human beings, we are limited by certain realities that give us shape and security. The mind, however, is its own place and has no limits. With the paintbrush in my hand, no walls can bind me, no forces can control my thinking or being. The brush sets me free.

My paintings depict the vivid world of my imagination. Influenced by the surrealist work of Frida Kahlo, my vibrant painting series strives to show the bold, audacious side of humanity. Whether featuring women smoking hookah, blue haired 'femmes' fatales screaming from spray bottles, men drooping onto a palette board with paints, my paintings seek to give inspiration and voice to the hidden side of every individual. I hope that the same freedom that my paintings give me will be given to the voiceless parts of people everywhere in the world.