First Solo Show in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Hayfa Abdullah, is an artist born in 1981 in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. In 2000 she started her artistic journey when she was introduced to the beautifully vibrant textures of oil colors. In the early years of the millennium Hayfa pursued her passion in the fields of abstract and surrealism art. It grew much more when she enrolled in summer 2011 in the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in California. There she continued exploring different media’s and subjects in painting. Her artwork throughout her early years until today will be showcased for the first time in “The Starting Point” exhibition in Rochan Gallery in Jeddah, K.S.A. This show will start at the end of March for only 7 days. Different genres of painting schools of her’s will be displayed from character to still life paintings. Many of her later works hold her artistic translation of the saudi culturemixed with today’s modernity.

Proceeds of the exhibition will go to the National Home Health Care Foundation

About the National Home Health Care Foundation  

The National Home Health Care Foundation in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an independent nonprofit dedicated to develop and spread home health care services and to upgrade social and health awareness in the society, to respond to patient’s health, social and psychological needs within their home environment, and to help families properly understand and cope with their patient’s health condition so as to attain comfort and self-independence for the patient and his family members. Learn more at